Choosing the right kitset home plan for you and your family can be a real challenge. Not only do you need to factor in your needs right now but there also needs to be some element of future-proofing so thinking about what your life might look like five, ten or even fifteen years from now.

As you venture into the significant investment decision about building a new home, either as your first home, investment property or second home, sifting through the incredible range of options available can be confusing as well as inspiring. One of the major reasons many people build with a kitset home is that suddenly their budget stretches a lot further, and instead of considering a starter two bedroom unit, you can now extend your investment out to a three or even four bedroom home.

This is an exciting prospect for most of us as the versatility this extra space affords as your lifestyle changes and grows is well worth the extra investment. However, it can also be a challenging decision trying to work out how much space you really need or want now versus what you need to consider for your future as well.

Kitset home plans

In this latest blog post, we will run through a selection of the kitset plans available in the Ubuilt kitset home range to help you make the right choice for your investment and future. Hopefully this simple overview will help make the decision-making process easier for you, bringing you one step closer to building your new home.

Four Bedroom Kitset Homes – With or Without Garage

We have two kitset home plans in our four bedroom range - The UB159 which includes a single car garage and the UB102 which doesn’t include a garage. Both home plans include an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom as well as a second main bathroom.

The layout of these homes is quite different as well.  The more compact 102m2 home will work well when positioned across a site with the bedrooms sitting across the back of the property and away from the road. While the larger 159m2 home is in a long configuration making this an ideal plan for most subdivisions with the garage sitting at the front of the property and the bedrooms at the rear.

Three Bedroom Home Plans – With or Without a Garage

There are five kitset home plans in our three bedroom range all which include a garage including a 85m2, 126m2, 134m2, 140m2 and 149m2 plan. 

The 126m2 and 134m2 plans separate the 3rd bedroom at the opposite end of the home from the master and 2nd bedroom, making these plans ideal for people wanting to set up a home office, looking to share the home with flatmates or Air B&B guests or with an older child. While the 140m2 and 149m2 plans have all three bedrooms grouped together at one end of the house in a more traditional family home layout.

Our 134m2 and 149m2 home plans both include an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom as well as a garage.

Also in our three bedroom home plan range is a compact 85m2 kitset homes which doesn’t include a garage or ensuite. This is the most affordable option in our three bedroom range.

Two Bedroom Home Plans – With or Without a Garage

We have two options in our two bedroom kitset home plans range – the 108m2 plan which includes a garage and the 59m2 plan which doesn’t include a garage. The other big difference between these plans is the layout of the homes with the smaller open grouping the bedrooms at one end while the larger plan has the two bedrooms at opposite ends of the home making this more suitable for a flatting or home office living situation.

One Bedroom Home Plans – With or Without a Garage

Our studio style homes are very popular as a worker’s cottage, second dwelling on your property or entry-level investment home. Available with or without a garage both homes feature a generous size living/dining area as well as a main bathroom. The choice of home may depend on the property where you are building this kitset home as one will be more suitable to a square site while the other will work well on a rectangle site.

Both plans offer a great first step on the property ladder at a fraction of the cost of a custom or group built home.