A unique point of difference with our kitset homes is the inclusion of a full size bathroom and free-standing bath in all our plans with a single attached garage. From the compact 9.8m2 home right through to our generous 159.8m2 family home, we provide a high spec complete bathroom package as inclusive with every kitset.

What is a full bathroom?

A full bathroom officially contains exactly 1 sink, 1 bathtub, 1 shower and 1 toilet. Of course you can have more than just one of each of these items in your bathroom, but for it to be called a full bathroom, it must contain at least one of each of these items.

A full bathroom is actually more unusual in most homes these days due to the space required, yet we believe this to be a necessity rather than a luxury which is why we include a full size bathroom in all our kitset homes.

In fact, our full size bathroom in all the kitset home packages where it is included, is a spacious 3.87m x 2.12m approximately.

What about an ensuite?

The word ensuite sounds super fancy when you hear it, but there’s nothing to get too excited about. Most of the time, it’s followed by the word “bathroom.” An ensuite is basically a bedroom that has a bathroom attached to it. They are bathrooms that are private and aren’t attached to common areas of a home.

When considering what size kitset home you want, having a think about whether you want an ensuite bathroom or not can help the decision making process. An ensuite also means privacy, intimacy, and safety. After all, no one likes having to navigate down a dark hallway in the middle of the night to use the toilet, as it could lead to stubbed toes or disturbing other people who are sleeping. Likewise, parents typically prefer not to share their bathrooms with their kids. In general, when a home has two bathrooms on a single floor, one of them is usually ensuite.

If having an ensuite is important to you then take a look at our UB102, UB149 and UB159 kitset home plans.

Ubuilt Bathroom Specifications

As mentioned above, all the fixtures and fittings for your full size bathroom and ensuite (where relevant) are included in your kitset home package. Our high quality specifications include:

·         Sink Mixer = Methven Echo Minimalist Hi Rise Square Neck

·         Vanities = Clearlite Statesman Classic doors and drawers

·         Vanity Mixer = Methven Echo Minimalist

·         Showers = Clearlite 1000mm round Cezanne with moulded wall

·         Shower Mixers = Methven Echo Minimalist

·         Toilets = Stylus Venecia close coupled suite S trap Kumfi Seat

·         Bath = VCBC Immerge Free Standing 1700mm

·         Bath Spout = Methven Echo Minimalist

·         Bath Mixer = Methven Echo Minimalist

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