Ubuilt is being billed as an affordable self-starter new home kit.

Len and Jill say they can produce up to 10,000 of these homes per year.

The Ubuilt are sized from 45m2 for $49,667, to $85,471 for 103m2 and the exterior of the homes come in 400 colour combinations.

All Ubuilt kitset homes can only be ordered online and will be delivered anywhere in the North and South Islands of New Zealand within 20 working days.

Having spent 40 years in the industry, Len has used his knowledge finessing the details of Ubuilt, which he says was a complex exercise to bring it all together at such an affordable price, especially considering everything is mainly New Zealand-made.

“We wanted to bring a beautiful home to the market that you would be proud to live in without compromising value and quality.

They've designed these homes so the buyers could assemble their Ubuilt with a qualified builder.

“If you already have a section and a builder, then from the time you receive your Ubuilt, to completion could be as little as eight weeks in total.

“We have designed the homes so you can build your place, at your pace – but for many there is an urgency, as they need somewhere to live,” says Len.

Len suggests the government and iwi could consider leasing land out to Kiwis, so they could erect Ubuilt homes.

“In this way they could quickly offer New Zealanders a warm and stylish home to raise their family and a mortgage that would be cheaper than rent.”

He suggests the government or iwi could retain the head title of the land, enabling banks to give loans to buyers for only a small or zero deposit (or they could use their Kiwisaver).

“There is no problem to big, you just have to be creative.”

Len says Ubuilt homes are designed to maximise the space inside and they feel much bigger than they are.

He says it will appeal to people on limited budgets, or those wanting to put an extra home on their property, build a bach or build a sturdy investment property.

“All Ubuilt home designs come with double glazed thermally broken aluminium windows and quick to construct ZOG Steel Framing that is stronger, straighter and significantly lighter than traditional timber."

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