There are many different options when it comes to cladding a standard timber frame home, most commonly plaster, timber, brick, stone or tile. However, these exterior cladding options all add an extra cost to your build and, in the case of timber cladding, even more cost and effort with requiring painting as well.

Ubuilt® kitset homes, on the other hand, include the incredible ZX Panel® technology as standard with every kitset plan. Not only are ZX Panels® a low cost aluminium alternative and a fraction of the cost of the nearest aluminium exterior cladding competitor; your ZX Panels® are available in a range of 20 colours so you can create the home of your dreams without the added cost and hassle of painting.

That means no paint, no painters, no paint touch-ups and no on-going maintenance! You not only save time and money in the short-term but in the long-term too.

ZX Panels® come in a range of 20 architectural colours making over 400 colour combinations for the panels and clips. Want to see what it looks like? Test out the colour combinations on our online digital showhome here.

All Ubuilt® kitset homes include ZX Panels® as standard. Explore the range for yourself and find out more about ZX Panels® click here.