One of the challenges of marketing Ubuilt homes is getting people’s head around this - Our Ubuilt kitsets are affordable and high quality.
These two factors seem in opposition and what Ubuilt has achieved is really rare.

The quality in your Ubuilt kitset starts with the building frame and we believe steel frames are by far the strongest, most secure and healthiest framing system available.  We use ZOG® steel frames that are made with New Zealand Steel.

Manufactured at the Glenbrook facilities south of Auckland and in Otahuhu, New Zealand Steel’s flat and long steel products are licenced Environmental Choice New Zealand products.

And it’s not easy to get this licence; so we are proud to use foundation products from partners who have successfully jumped through all of the hoops to have been acknowledged with this environmental recognition.

New Zealand Steel’s flat and long steel products met all robust environmental criteria and have exceeded the requirements under ‘fit for purpose’.

At Ubuilt, we wouldn’t create anything less for our customers. 

More About ECNZ

  • Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) operates independently by the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust and is a government-owned-label.

  • There are currently 56 licence holders in New Zealand.

  • It is a non-profit charitable trust with assessments carried out by independent third parties.

  • The trust does not receive any Government funding.

  • For more information on the Environmental Choice programme go to