Stage 2 Order Form

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Plan Product Description Quantity Stage 2 Price Subtotal
UB45 Floor Area 45m2 $8426.00
UB58 Floor Area 58m2 $9056.00
UB60 Floor Area 60m2 $9434.00
UB70 Floor Area 70m2 $9449.00
UB83 Floor Area 83m2 $11309.00
UB86 Floor Area 86m2 $10892.00
UB100 Floor Area 100m2 $15219.00
UB103 Floor Area 103m2 $15309.00
Total $

How To Pay
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Direct Credit
Bank ANZ
Acc Name NZ Building Supplies Ltd
Acc. No. 06-0433-0286358-00
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Direct Credit
Please post Bank Cheques to
NZ Building Supplies Ltd
PO BOX 8265
Tauranga 3145

Please email Graham at Ubuilt® your banking receipt after payment.